Thank you for visiting our website. Midsouth Tackle™ is dedicated to providing our customers with a continually improving customer experience. To accomplish this goal, we've redesigned our website and added additional features to improve your overall experience while visiting the site. We hope you enjoy using our website!

New Features

Attention: Regular Customers - We've added a Simple Order Form without pictures to make ordering quick and easy for people who already know which products they need. Simply enter the quantity of each product you need and click the "Add to Cart" button to place all the selected items in your cart.

Upcoming Events

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Any boat show or other fishing event we plan to attend will be listed here.

New Products

Pro-Series Jigs

Named after and used by our professional fishermen, these new jigs will be a fine addition to your tacklebox:

  • Balyes - 10812 - White Glitter w/Chartreuse
  • Putnam -  011 - Watermellon & w/Clear Sparkle
  • Kramlich -  012 - Halloween Chartreuse, and 012C - Halloween Chartreuse-Core
  • Ross Enloe - 406GL - Enloe Glow
  • Joey Monteleone - 0095 Monteleone Silver
  • Bridgeman -  015BTG Bridgeman Bluetruce Glow

Other new products

  • 530S Mardi Gras

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